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Duration 10 Nights/11 Days
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Theme: Fun with Friends
Tour starts from Yerevan and finishes at Yerevan
Places Covered
Yerevan, Geghard, Proshaberd, Noravank, Khndzoresk, Tatev, Tsakhats Kar, Lake Sevan, Selim Caravansary, Parz Lake, Goshavank, Lastiver, Odzun, Haghpat, Sanahin, Kari Lake, Yerevan
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One of the great methods of relaxation is walking, especially when you are walking on the paths of mountainous areas, lush forests and natural monuments. Our walking tour to Armenia will give you that opportunity. The tour is a great offer for those who are fond of walking. Breathing fresh mountainous air, enjoying every step of your trail and experiencing local hospitality is a simple delight! In the Walking Tour to Armenia we included mesmerizing routes trough the historical sites of Armenia which are still intact and are worth visiting.


Day 1 - Arrival - Yerevan City Tour - Garni - Geghard
The tour will begin with a city tour around Yerevan - the bustling capital having a history of over 2800 years. The cuneiform inscription proving that Yerevan was built in 782 AD is kept in the History Museum of Armenia. You will start your tour with a short walk in the city center, and then visit the History Museum of Armenia. You will have a fascinating journey through the pages of Armenian history. After lunch, you will head to Geghard Cave Monastery, partly carved in the adjacent rocks. Nearby in Garni village, you will visit Garni Pagan Temple which is the only preserved example of Hellenistic architecture in the Caucasus region. You will be back to Yerevan and have an opportunity to feel the pulse of Yerevan nightlife.
Overnight : Hotel in Yerevan.
Meals : Breakfast.
Hiking : No hiking.

Day 2 - Areni - Noravank - Proshaberd Citadel
This day you’ll begin the exploration of Southern Armenia. Our first stop will be in Areni wine market where you’ll have a chance to taste one of the famous Armenian wines. You will continue the trip to beautiful two storied Noravank Monastery through the deep narrow canyon surrounded by red rocks. In the monastery yard, the awesome landscape of red rocks opens in front of you. You will head to your hotel, check in and get ready for the first hike to Proshaberd Citadel (the trail length – 10km). Here you’ll be rewarded for the efforts by the dramatic views of the mountains and the valley below.
Overnight : Hotel(Yegegnadzor)
Meals : Breakfast.
Hiking : 10 km/6.2 mi  
Asc/Desc : 800 m/2624 ft.

Day 3 - Tatev - Devil’s Bridge - Khndzoresk - Goris
After wholesome breakfast, you will immerse yourself deeper in the southern part of Armenia. This day the trail will lead us to the Tatev Monastery, after admiring monastery, a narrow footpath will take us back in time, to the tiny cloister of Tatev Hermitage, a highly evocative place. Our next stop is Devil’s Bridge with its limestone caverns and natural hot baths in a gorge (the trail length – 5 km). We will continue to explore this region in 19th-century Khndzoresk cave town. The hanging bridge heading to picturesque rock formations and gently inviting nature make this one of Armenia’s most popular sites.
Overnight : Hotel in Goris.
Meals : Breakfast.
Hiking : 5 km/3.1 mi  
Asc | Desc : 580 m/1900 ft.

Day 4 - Hermon - King Smbat Fortress - Tsakhats Kar - Yeghegis
After breakfast, you will head to Hermon Village standing amidst the charming valley of the River Yeghegis. You will be checked in at the hotel and start the hike to the medieval well-preserved fortress of King Smbat, standing on the elevation of about 1950, you will continue to Tsakhats Kar Monastery on the elevation of 2080 m. (the trail length – 12km). You will continue your walk to Yeghegis village where you can see the Jewish Cemetery and small churches built right in the gardens of villagers. Your hotel in Hermon village has all the amenities (swimming pool, thermal baths, and gym) bikes and horses for a pleasant evening leisure.
Overnight : Hotel (Hermon)
Meals : Breakfast
Hiking : 12 km/7.2 mi
Asc | Desc : 680 m/2230 ft.

Day 5 - Selim Caravansary - Lake Sevan - Sevanavank
The fifth day will be relaxing. You will cover the part of the Great Silk Road and see one of the well-preserved caravanserais built in 1332 by Armenian Orbelian prince to accommodate weary travelers. It seems that the time has stopped here as very little has changed since ancient times. The tour will continue to Lake Sevan - one of the highest alpine freshwater lakes in the world. From the hilltop of Sevan Peninsula, you will admire amazing views to the lake. In the evening you will have time to walk along shores of Lake Sevan.
Overnight : Hotel (Lake Sevan)
Meals : Breakfast.
Hiking : No hiking.

Day 6 - Parz Lake - Goshavank - Dilijan
This day you will be transferred to Parz Lake. The hike will start in Dilijan National Park and will pass along stunning forest trails, will cross the wildly beautiful Areguni Pass and reach Goshavank Monastery, named after the great scholar of the 13th century Mkhitar Gosh (the trail length – 8 km). In the evening you will be transferred to cozy Town of Dilijan, which keeps the spirit of rural Armenia. You will visit Old Dilijan Complex.
Overnight : Hotel (Dilijan)
Meals : Breakfast.
Hiking : 8.1 km/5.1 mi  
Asc | Desc : 370 m/1213 ft.

Day 7 - Yenokavan - Lastiver - Ijevan
After breakfast at the hotel, you will head to Yenokavan Village near Ijevan where we will organize for you a short transfer to the Lastiver trailhead. A wonderful forested route will take you into the most unpolluted and rugged area of north-eastern Armenia. You will head into a deep gorge before descending to cascading waterfalls and the most scenic meadows in Armenia, perhaps Armenia’s best-kept secret. At the end, you will explore the ancient caves of Lastiver. In the evening you’ll be back to the town of Ijevan for a rest and overnight.
Overnight : Guesthouse (Ijevan)
Meals : Breakfast.
Hiking : 7 km/4.4 mi  
Asc | Desc : 480 m/1575 ft.

Day 8 - Sanahin - Haghpat - Odzun
This day will take you to Lori region where Haghpat and Sanahin Monastery complexes (UNESCO World Heritage Sites) are situated. They both are equally beautiful but have very different atmosphere. You will hike from Haghpat to Sanahin through beautiful meadows and small villages. The hike is easy and will take about 3 hours. On the way, you will explore formidable Kayan fortress and enjoy the best viewpoints over dramatic Debed gorge. The tour will end with a trip to Odzun Village known for its Odzun three-nave basilica. This church is considered unique because of its dome construction.
Overnight : Guesthouse(Odzun).
Meals : Breakfast.
Hiking : 10 km/6.2 mi
Asc | Desc : 550 m/1800 ft.

Day 9 - Lori - Stepanavan - Yerevan
In the morning you will head to Stepanavan town located on the left bank of the River Dzoraget. After the hiking to Lori Fortress, you will visit Stepanavan Arboretum Armenia’s first botanical garden and have an exciting stroll. On its territory of about 15 hectares is planted with rare exotic trees and plants, and the rest 20 hectares are covered with natural wild forests. In the evening you will return to Yerevan.
Overnight : Hotel (Yerevan)
Meals : Breakfast.
Hiking : 5 km/3.1 mi  
Asc | Desc : 100 m/328 ft.

Day 10 - Kari Lake - Mountain Aragats
On the last day of your trip, you will hike to the highest mountain of Armenia. The first point of your hiking adventure is Kari Lake located on the slope of Mount Aragats (an extinct volcano). You will start your hike to the Southern Summit (the trail duration - 5-7 hours). If the day is clear you will have a great view from here on Mount Ararat. The day continues with a relaxing sightseeing in Saghmosavank Monastery perched on the edge of picturesque Kasakh Canyon and then head to Yerevan for another lovely evening in the city.
Overnight : Hotel (Yerevan)
Meals : Breakfast.
Hiking : 5 km/3.1 mi
Asc | Desc : 700 m/2300 ft.

Day 11 - Departure
Transfer to the airport, departure.


Inclusions in tour are as follows:

  • Airport transfers.
  • Accommodation in hotel - 6 nights, in guesthouse - 4 nights (3* / double rooms / 10 nights).
  • Breakfast.
  • All transfers in air conditioned vehicles.
  • English speaking hiking guide service for all days.
  • All admission fees.
  • 1 bottle (0.5 litre) of water per day per person.
  • 24-hour office support.
  • Local mountain guide service where needed.

Followings are not included in tour:

  • Flights.
  • Visa fee.
  • Medical insurance.
  • Single supplement138 EUR.